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O.S.R. Murthy in NFCL Road, Kakinada | Way2offer

O.S.R. Murthy in NFCL Road, Kakinada | Way2offer

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O.S.R. Murthy

Map Location NFCL Road, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh - 533003

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Home Insurance

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About Us

Hello & Welcome
O.S.R. Murthy O.S.R. Murthy.

My Description

Caption :General Insurance Agent

Since :1970

Contact Person:O.S.Ramachandra Murthy

Description: O.S.Ramachandra Murthy

- deals general insurance for vehicles and authorized insurance agent to New India Assurance Company Ltd.

My Offer Validity

Offer Validity Upto 15 Days.

Valid Upto 15 days

Caption :General Insurance Agent

Since :1970

Contact Person:O.S.Ramachandra Murthy

Category:Services | RTA Agents  Make friends,

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My Services

  • Home Insurance
  • Travel and accident insurance
  • Personal insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Liability Insurance

My Reviews

User Reviews Write A Review
Good Offer
Raja | 20 th February 2017


Good Service
swamy | 02nd February 2017


Keep In Touch
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Phone Number

D.No. 70-7-2/5A, Pri, Siddhartha Nagar, NFCL Road,

Opp.Stadium Complex ,

NFCL Road,




0884 2371138



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